Family arrives in Scotland

  • By now Rashid had saved enough from working to arrange for the expatriation of Razia and the children from Sialkot. Therefore early in 1961 Rashid sent enough money for the family to travel, by air, from Pakistan to Glasgow.  

  • So in March 1961 the whole family took the train from Sialkot via Lahore to Karachi. Here they were greeted by Abdul Latif who the following day assisted them on boarding the BOAC operated scheduled flight from Karachi to London, via Damascus where they landed for a 4-hour refuel stop. Finally from London, Razia accompanied by Shahida (9), Shahbaz (8) and Robina (5) boarded the internal flight to Glasgow arriving after at Glasgow Airport after nearly 30 hours of travel. Razia did not have any money during the whole trip, so could not buy anything for the children as they traveled. So finally when the family arrived, they were not only tired, but famished.

  • At the airport they were greeted by Rashid and his cousins; Ahmed Hussain, Bagh Hussain and Shaukat Hussain. It was an emotional reunion.

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  • When the family arrived in Glasgow in 1961 Rashid was in shared housing with other bachelors. It was agreed with his nephew Yusuf that he would move into his flat temporarily where Yusuf lived with his wife. Yusuf’s flat was in 14 West End Park Street, Hillhead, Glasgow and they took a room in this 2 bedroom accommodation. 

  • There the family lived happily with Yusuf’s family for around 3 months.  Shahida, Shahbaz and Robina attended the local primary school Willowbank Primary where they quickly assimilated into the Scottish Education System.

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  • In late 1961 Rashid had discovered that there was a furnished flat available in the affluent suburb of Pollokshields. The flat belonged to an acquaintance, Mr Mohammed Ali (known to his friends as Wali Bar). Rashid thought the area of Pollokshields, with its access to good schools and amenities was a better area to live in. Therefore Rashid bought the flat located on 21 Leven Street (1 up left) from Wali Bar for the sum of £ 700 in winter 1961. This was a huge sum of money at the time, equivalent to 4 years salary, therefore Rashid had to partly finance the purchase, taking out a 10 year loan. 
  • The family moved to this property and stayed in Pollokshields for 27 years, finally vacating in 1988.

  • During 1962, Rashid’s cousin (Lal Hussain, son of Begum Bibi) arrived in Glasgow with his sons; Aftab, Tariq and Saleem. The sons were to stay in Glasgow to study while Lal returned to Saudi Arabia where he was employed by ARAMCO.  

  • Also at this time a close family friend of Rashid’s from Rangpura in Sialkot, Afzal Malik, also arrived with wife. Shortly after their first daughter Farah was born. Afzal was studying towards a MSc in Civil Engineering at Strathclyde University and was later employed as an Engineer on the Clyde Tunnel.


  • Below is a family road trip with Karam Ellahi Mughal and family in his old Humber vehicle. From right; Junaid (son of Karam Ellahi), Razia, Robina, Shahida – September 1962

  • In early 1963, Rashid’s elder brother Latif came to visit them from Karachi with his wife and family; Taseer (9), Zeenat (4). Latif had come to Edinburgh to take a Medical Examination and spent some time with Rashid and family. It was a very happy reunion for all concerned as for almost 2 ears there had been no contact with direct relatives from Pakistan.  The two families visited Edinburgh and London meeting friends and relatives there.

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The family grows

  • For Rashid 1962 and 1963 were good years as the family settled into life in Pollokshields, with the children going to Pollokshields Primary School on Albert Drive. It was even better when Rashid’s second son Rizwan was born on the 20th November 1963. Rizwan was born at home in the living room of 21 Leven Street with the midwife administering the delivery. Rizwan was the first child born in Scotland and Rashid was very proud. Additionally Rizwan was well cared for by his sisters and brother.


  • Shahbaz’s tenth birthday in Leven St. To the right of Shahbaz are Shahida and Robina Behind is Rashid holding baby Rizwan.

  • By the early 60’s Rashid had become very proficient in photography and was always invited to photograph at Asia weddings and functions in Glasgow. Every Pakistani, and many Sikh and Hindu families had photographs taken by Rashid and ‘Minhas Photographer’ became a household name in Glasgow amongst the community.

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  • Rashid’s love for photography was a great aspect for the children. Rashid had turned the sitting room of the flat in Leven St into a studio and built a darkroom from a closet in the main bedroom. They grew up with photographs being taken, developed and printed. They were involved in the darkroom and with the enlarger, developing the pictures, washing and printing. He would dry the pictures in the bathroom and often the children were involved in Rashid’s business. Rashid had even been offered a possible position as a professional photographer in London during this time, although he did not take the position.

  •  Rashid’s social circle grew in Glasgow and as it did so did the family social functions. Very often the family were invited to dinner parties not only in Glasgow but to Edinburgh and Dundee too. Rashid’s closest friend at the time was Mr Syed Naqi Ahmed Qadri who moved to Glasgow in 1964 and stayed till 1967, serving as the vice-counsel in the Pakistan consulate. Mr Qadri lived in Kenmure St, very close to Rashid (later Qadri’s daughter Nazish was to marry Shahbaz). His other friends were Mr Chaudrey Nazir on Maxwell Road, Mr Yousaf in Leslie St, and later Dr Nisar Ahmed who lived in Hartwood.

  • But there were relatives too; Ahmed Hussain and Bagh Hussain who lived in Pollokshield too were close at hand as well as Karam Ellahi Moghul and his sons, and Karam Ellahi’s cousin Arshad Moghul.

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  • Rashid was an immaculate dresser and was always very well-groomed and immaculately dressed. He often alternated between ties and bow-ties and had a variety of hats; his favorites were his fedora or Jinnah cap. The fedora he often wore to work in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s and kept him dry in the rain. Rashid always wore a tie, even at home in the evenings when he was relaxing, and kept a pen in the top pocket of this suit. He wore an expensive Omega Seamaster and kept expensive clothes and shoes. In every way he acted and dressed as a true gentleman. He too ensured that Razia and the children were well-presented especially at Eid and other functions.

  • Rashid encouraged his children to join organizations that would encourage their development and build their characters. Shahbaz joined the Scouts and later the Air Training Corps (ATC), Shahida was enrolled in the Girl Guides and Robina and Rehela in the Brownies. Later on Rizwan was to join the Boys Brigade.

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  • Almost 2 years after Rizwan was born, another daughter was born to Rashid and Razia in late August 1965. Rashid was delighted and named her Rehela. She too born in the flat in Leven Street.


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Family trips and Soofwan arrives

  • Socially Rashid would ensure that every weekend, weather permitting, the family were taken to the local park. In the early to mid ‘60’s it was mostly Queens Park, and then later on (in the late 1960’s) to Roukenglen Park by train.


  • Rashid took time off in the summers of the 60’s and 70’s to spend as much time as possible with the children and ensure they had as well-rounded an education as possible. Rashid would use the free travel offered by British Rail to make trips to different parts of Scotland and further afield. The family travelled almost every weekend during the summer months to his favorite spots on the Ayrshire coast; to include Girvan, Ayr, Troon, Largs, Stevenson but also up north to Fort William, Oban, Inverness and Aberdeen. For all these trips Rashid would wear a suit; either two-piece or three-piece.

  • Rashid was passionate about the children’s education and wanted to take full advantage of the world-class education system that Scotland had to offer. He drove his children hard and as a result they were successful in both their education and their professional careers.  Shahbaz, who like his sisters studied at Bellahouston Academy, was a good example of this. He came top boy of his class in 1968. Shahida in turn became a prefect and then the following year was elected as Captain of Prefects.  Rashid was very proud of his children and their achievements.

  • The spring of March 1968 was unusually cold, but brought a blessing for Rashid with another son, Soofwan, born in late March 1968.  The birth took place in Samaritan’s hospital in Glasgow, rather than at home, since Razia was a little older. Rashid was delighted with his third son who was a big bouncing baby. With the birth of Soofwan the family was complete; 3 girls and 3 boys. Rashid was a happy man and a devoted father. 

  • In late 1969, Rashid’s father Meher Ellahi passed away. The death affected Rashid and he was concerned that he never got a chance to spend time with him since 1956. He was also concerned that he may not be able to see him mother, Hakim Bibi, as she was becoming very frail at this time. 

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