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  • The roots of our branch of the Minhas family originate from Jammu in Kashmir. Up to around 300 years ago we were in Sialkot, however the clan from which Abdul Rashid descended are the Minhas Rajput of Jammu. These are the fertile mountains of Kashmir, bordering both modern day Pakistan and India.  Minhas is an off-shoot of Jamwal-Dogra Rajputs, the founders of the city and state of Jammu and its rulers from ancient times. The Minhas were a warrior clan and it was in the early 13th century, during the time of the conquests by the early Islamic phase of Muhammed Ghauri, many of these warriors fighting for the Dogras converted to Islam. 

The Minhas Rajput


  • The Minhas branch from which Abdul Rashid descended were originally engaged in timber logging, they managed the forest estates of the Dogra rulers of Jammu, and possibly owned some of the land themselves. After logging they would send the timber downstream to the fertile plains of Punjab where it would be distributed.

Logging in Sialkot


  • In the early 1700’s, the earliest known direct ancestor of Abdul Rashid, named Rai Luckoo Minhas (b. 1690) migrated down-river to the town of garrison town of Sialkot, at that time a town populated by a mix of Hindu, Sikh and Muslims. His aim was to support his family up-river by establishing a sawing and distribution facility at Sialkot for the family timber floated downstream. The logs were collected from the river using men and bullocks, sawn in the newly-created timber mills and loaded onto bullock carts for distribution around the Punjab. 

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